MAJIQUE has recently partnered with CHRISTOPHER ESBER for his MBFWA Summer 12/13 collection, creating a specific single style hardened geometric metal ' CHRISTOPHER ESBER FOR MAJIQUE’ sword brace cuff’.

"The inspiration for the collection started with the notion of fencing and competitive sports, with a strong focus on shirting and uniforms. Together with MAJIQUE I wanted to create a bangle that could have the effect of a cuff with a classic shape that was quite square. As shirting is a prominent staple in the collection, I wanted a piece of jewellery that had the ability to work back well with the classic shirt and could be worn over or under, adding a power element to the look' says Christopher Esber.

“Taking the CHRISTOPHER ESBER inspiration MAJIQUE set out to find the correct metal materials to create the hardened geometric 'sword brace cuff'. We made sure the cuff was strong, clean and empowering to his aesthetic”, says Oumaya from MAJIQUE.

MAJIQUE would loved to share this experience with you! So check out our amazing video and pictures to get a feel of the process behind the collaboration.

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